Fedivision 2024

Dear listeners, I have good news for you. I decided to participate in this year Fedivision contest! It will run until May 26th on fedivision.party.

I decided to join the contest while I was working on a new track few weeks ago. This contest is full of independent artists and we have more than 72 songs this year!

Exclusive track available

You will be able to hear an exclusive track called “Light Beam” I made for this contest. I hope you like it. The song is available at fedivision.party/#NEUT.

You can also listen to my song among the other entries by listening to the RadioFreeFedi’s pop-up radio channel here.


I’m representing the Neutrosphere faction for the Fedivision contest and you can vote for my song using the code: NEUT. You have to be registered on a Mastodon instance in order to vote. More info at fedivision.party/vote.

Thank you for listening to my music. More tracks will come this month and in June.