Welcome dear listener

This is the official Earl20 website where you will find all the information about my new songs, videos, social medias and more! Here’s a quick tour guide for you:


At the top you can find all my links to listen to my music, to follow me on social media and to support me. At the middle there are my latest music video from Youtube and the news section I will update each time I release new stuff. There is also an audio player where you can listen to one of my song called Azuria. For more music content there is my Soundcloud playlist available at the bottom.


In the gallery you will find some photos depicting my songs and my creations. You will find some exclusive content there.

You can follow me on Twitter to get the latest news about my work and for information about the Patreon page coming soon.


Thanks to Tim Krief for designing this website, don’t hesitate to see his projects too.