I made music without crunching

Dear listeners,

I recently joined the Crunchless Challenge hosted by Tim Krief to do some music. Now I’m happy to release a remix of Daft Punk’s The Prime Time of Your Life. It’s available on YouTube and SoundCloud for you to listen.

A little bit of storytime here

I had this idea of a bass I found while listening to the original song, it was sticking in my head so I decided to put it down and create a remix. At the same time the Crunchless Challenge started so it has been a great opportunity to join it. This challenge is originally made for game developers but actually you can do whatever you want with it, all you need is to set work sessions you have to follow without crunching. I decided to go with two hours per day. After ten days I finished the music.
I’m pretty happy with the sessions I’ve done, two hours per day were sufficient enough to take a step back on the song and especially the mix. I took the weekend off as well to clear my mind from the music and to have new ears when coming back to it.

In the end, it has been a success even if I took twice the time as the challenge recommended (five days). I sticked to the schedule I’ve made and I’m really happy about the result. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

New radio for Earl20

Don’t hesitate to check the new radio Tim Krief made for the website. It’s very practical for listening to my songs in the background. The interface he made is clean and stylish, check those cool animations in the title of the tab!

Thank you for following my creations, next year will be exciting, I have new music coming soon!

Merry Christmas everybody!